Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HGUC ReZel Box Art!

Whoa, another 'box art' news in close span of time...yesterday I was babling about my admiration for the Limited Bandai Pro Shop Zaku II, and now we can laid our eyes on the new HGUC Rezel box art. And I think its quite cool...
Illustrated by the ever experienced Gundam Illustrator, Naochika Morishita aka Caramel Mama (he's a guy by the way ^_^:), this illustration is a step higher for his art level direction. We can see the transgression of his art from his early works for Bandai (MG Ex-S, MG Wing Zero and MG Gyan). His latter works are more 'traditional' digital painting compare to more CGI presentation.
And I really like it...

You can check Naochika-san personal website to see more of his works. Peace out!

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