Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Banner

and that's that... :D


Monday, November 15, 2010

Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 Short Teaser (HQ)

Out on 5th March 2011... -_-

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 Promo Poster

Whoa, I think I musta been forgot to post it here, but it is. For those who want to download the bigger version of this poster (art by yours truly), simply click on the image okay?

Thanks for visiting and stay tune for the Gundam UC Episode 3 (Spectre of Laplace) poster!  Thanks! ^^;

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HobiMax, Issue No. 3 (Oktober)

Wahaha, guess I'm late to do a brief review on this October issue. However, better late than never eh?...haha Okay, I see a lot of improvement in term of layout and copy proof, but I hope they continue to improve because I still can spot some obvious errors throughout their articles. (ie. translation, names).

Overall, it is quite good, but I do hope they add more pages in the upcoming issues to balance my RM8 worth. :) Enough chat, here's some images...

HowardKhor award winning PG OO Raiser is on the cover...

Coverage on Rayloke's Unicorn SappFire!

Superb build from Teo Chee Lee (Entau)

A nice introductory article for Infinite Creation Hobby Shop.

1/48 Mega Size RX-78-2 Tutorial.

Finally, backpage poster, Eric Yap's Takara Tomy Optimus Prime!

Okay guys, that's all. Be sure to grab one copy at your nearest bookshop! Seeya!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Commencing Project Sazabi....

Hey there, long time no see. Well, started this build during last weekend, purposely to be my relax build. Not sure if this can make it for BAKWC 2010 cos I'm not rushing it. But if it finish by then, surely I will submit it nonetheless.
Don't have any firm idea on how I want this turn out to be, but to be fair, I dont think I will make much 'heavy' modding on this. Kinda the same with the HG O Gundam.

Okay, here's the snapfitted HGUC Sazabi...

The detailing and modding so far. 

That's all for now. Stay tune for the next update! Thanks!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My HG O gundam preparing to ship out. Have a nice journey! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

1/100 Master Grade Fazz Core Fighter Completed!

My latest, simple build. Done for Zerogunz Core Fighter groupbuild...^^

Thanks for visiting!...More pictures in my gallery ---->

Sunday, July 11, 2010

MG Fazz Core Booster WIP Images ( ZeroGunz Groupbuild )

Nothing much, just wanna share some progress. ^^

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Real Grade 1/144 RX-78-2

Ngiaaaa!!! Cant wait for this to arrive on our shores! ^^


Thursday, June 3, 2010

High Grade 1/144 GN/000 O Gundam

My latest work...hope you guys enjoy it...

You guys can check out the rest of the images in my gallery...

Thanks for visiting...^^

Thursday, May 13, 2010

HobiMax 1st Issue! May 2010...

Oh my, its been a while since my last entry. Sorry guys, so much work and so many things to organize in the past three month. Anyway, i'm not dead and surely not giving up this hobby (no-no!), so here's a new entry...

I'm just wanna shout about this new local hobby magazine  (its in bahasa malaysia), and it is called HobiMax. I'm really excited about this because this is the first 100% hobby magazine in Malaysia and also it got my kit inside it...hihi ^_^

Nyway, here's a little sneak peak... 

HobiMax May Issue available now. (Malaysia only). Price RM8.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Size Does Matter

New image for the upcoming 1/48 scale RX-78-2...



Friday, January 8, 2010

Significant Info For Upcoming 1/48 RX-78-2

I'm so drooling over this upcoming 1/48 scale RX-78-2 gundam. I believe you guys already know so much about it, so not gonna say anything more, just wanna inform some nice breaking news about this monster kit....

What d'ya think? A new numbering system?...hmm, by the look of it, it do seems like convenient to me. Or Bandai want to target lower age level with this system?... If so, certainly not a problem with me...haha...

Perfect, Perfect, Perfect Grade!

Hey there...another rather useless post. But thanks for sticking with me....

What to write?....oh ya, about Perfect Grade gundam. Okay, recently a friend of my want to let go his Perfect Grade Strike Rouge. So, after thought about it for 5 seconds, i told myself, what the hell, I take it. I dont possessed any model in PG form before, and this is a good way to start....

The kit itself actually a third hand cos I believe he also bought it from someone else.And the box and manual are nowhere to be found, a couple of broken parts and no V-Fins. (he said his gundam want to be like Hellboy, tanduk kasi patah...^_^; ). This model actually a PG Strike Rouge and it actually came with Sky Grasper/Aile Strike, but it also got lost along the way into my hand. And how it happened is beyond my imagination...

Anyway, my friend/the seller is kindly enough to charge me with zero postage fee (woohooo!!) and later I found he also gave me a surprise gift in a form of HG 1/144 Gunner Zaku Warrior (double woohoo!!). Thanks a lot man! It a nice way to start 2010...this year will be a lucky year to me...

Not bad eh? For RM215 plus shipping I certainly a happy man...although I will probably be happier if it include the box and manual, but I think it's win situation. Definitely will transform this monster to look nicer than the original, but have to wait till I have the time to do it. So, there you first Perfect Grade model!!!

Stay tune for next post....piu..piu..piu....

MG GN-X Box Art!

The good stuff keeps coming, doesn't it? This is the most anticipated MG for 2010 (so far for me...hihi), and the box art sure didn't disappoint. The purple and red hue (it meant to be the GN particle or the explosion?...i'm not sure) but it sure gives a nice perspective for this illustration. I see it like a futuristic 'Romanticism'...hmm, have to research more about that later...

Anyway, here's the box art...

The theme is kinda similar to the earlier OO MG Exia, but with a different setting of course.
For more info on this model, please visit Bandai Hobbysite. Cheers!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HGUC ReZel Box Art!

Whoa, another 'box art' news in close span of time...yesterday I was babling about my admiration for the Limited Bandai Pro Shop Zaku II, and now we can laid our eyes on the new HGUC Rezel box art. And I think its quite cool...
Illustrated by the ever experienced Gundam Illustrator, Naochika Morishita aka Caramel Mama (he's a guy by the way ^_^:), this illustration is a step higher for his art level direction. We can see the transgression of his art from his early works for Bandai (MG Ex-S, MG Wing Zero and MG Gyan). His latter works are more 'traditional' digital painting compare to more CGI presentation.
And I really like it...

You can check Naochika-san personal website to see more of his works. Peace out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stunning box art! (Bandai Pro Shop Limited MG Zaku II)

I really dig this box art. I almost see it like a fine artwork with all the relevant subject matter, content and theme are used to good effect. The 'triangle' shaped pose for the front Zaku simply increase the movement of our eyes, hence create a dynamic mood in this box art. Which is something not easy to do when it involved a bulky 60 tons mobile suit.... ^_^

A little information about this is the latest Bandai Pro Shop (Limited MG MS-06R-1 Zaku II Ver.2.0 A Baoa Qu Defense Squadron Color Ver.) which already hit Japan stores this week. I believe it got many significant modification from the original MG Zaku II, but I'm not really fuzz about it. However for 5,040 yen (RM190) as it price tag, I think it's a good buy for everyone out there who appreciate a fine artwork like this...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My first kit for 2010!

It finish! And I'm really happy with the outcome...the color mixture is accurate and sharp, everything as I want it to be...

Please visit the following link for the full gallery. Thanks! ^_^