Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HobiMax, Issue No. 3 (Oktober)

Wahaha, guess I'm late to do a brief review on this October issue. However, better late than never eh?...haha Okay, I see a lot of improvement in term of layout and copy proof, but I hope they continue to improve because I still can spot some obvious errors throughout their articles. (ie. translation, names).

Overall, it is quite good, but I do hope they add more pages in the upcoming issues to balance my RM8 worth. :) Enough chat, here's some images...

HowardKhor award winning PG OO Raiser is on the cover...

Coverage on Rayloke's Unicorn SappFire!

Superb build from Teo Chee Lee (Entau)

A nice introductory article for Infinite Creation Hobby Shop.

1/48 Mega Size RX-78-2 Tutorial.

Finally, backpage poster, Eric Yap's Takara Tomy Optimus Prime!

Okay guys, that's all. Be sure to grab one copy at your nearest bookshop! Seeya!


  1. Cool!!! will blog about this! and redirect here! :)

  2. haha, i'm really honored! (and embarrassed at the same time cos its nothing much...hoho)

    but, thanks a lot Don! You rocks!

  3. to buy or not to buy..
    i wonder if it will worth the rm8 or i'll just get myself a bottle of paint at that price..

  4. issue from hobby max already...cant get this mag at my sad :(

  5. @zoidiect : haha, yeah, a bottle of Mr. Color would be nice with that price...but i assure you this issue is much worth it from the previous one...Howard and Entau looks really awesome in print...hihi

    @rj : luckily i found this at one of my hometown bookshop, but if you want to get a copy, you can order it online from

  6. sammy - alrite...thanks for the info :)